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2021 Nightscaper Conference Workshop

May 11, 2021

One night workshop - excursion associated with the 2021 Nightscaper Conference 

Location:   "The Site That Must Not Be Named"

(photo above), near Kanab

Participants: 6-8 participants (NOW FULL)

Cost: $250 USD

Instructor: Wayne Pinkston

Co-Instructor: Robert McKendrick

Goals: We will proceed to the above pictured site the night of May 11 (following the second day of the conference), and photograph the location, framing the Milky Way through the large opening. After photographing the site we will plan to repeat photos with people - models as above. Low Level Lighting will be used to illuminate the walls. If desired we can also shoot photos without lighting.

Payment: Please pay the fee of $250 to reserve your place in the workshop. Payments can be made to Wayne Pinkston through PayPal or by personal check. To pay by PayPal contact me using the "Contact Me" tab at the top of this page and send me an email. Please let me know if you want to pay by PayPal or personal check. I will then answer and send you the instruction to use PayPal, or my personal address if paying by check.

We reserve the right to cancel the photo tour for any reason including low enrollment in the tour. We also reserve the right to operate the workshop with one instructor if enrollment is lower than 6 participants. If you cancel then $225 will be refunded if you cancel prior to April 11, 2021. After April 11, 2021 $200 will be refunded if we can find a replacement, $150 if we cannot find a replacement participant.

COVID-19: If we cancel the workshop because of unusual spread of COVID-19 then we will refund your entire tuition fee. All participants are encouraged to try and get the vaccine (if possible) prior to the workshop, and if unavailable then consider having COVID-19 testing done prior to the event. This will help insure the safety of everyone. We will ask participants to wear masks.

Fitness Level: It's an easy hike.

Lodging: Most participants will have lodging in Kanab, Utah associated with the Nightscaper Conference. If you do not already have lodging, then there are many choices in and around the town of Kanab.

Questions: Contact me using the "Contact Me" button at the top of the page,

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