Fantasy NightScape Workshops - After Midnight Landscapes

Fantasy NightScape Workshops

Astronauts and Aliens to Witches and Wizards!

July 8-10     (open)  $695

July 11-14   (open)  $695

 If you are interested please contact me using the CONTACT ME tab above.

Hi! Here's something different! Anyone interested in a Fantasy Astrophotography Workshop? This would be 3 days in an "otherworldly" location. We would capture beautiful landscapes under the Milky Way with fantasy characters in costumes.  

We will provide the costumes mentioned below, but if anyone has a great costume that will look exotic in an otherworldly setting at night then you are welcome to bring it. This will be a great chance to learn Landscape Astrophotography, Low Level Lighting, and have some fun with fantasy characters.  If you are interested please contact me using the CONTACT ME tab above. This will be held in the New Mexico Badlands where there are multiple"OtherWorldly" locations. We will take the photos without and with people in them. 

I will add more photos of the costumes here as they are finished.

The Wizard of Bisti

More Information:

We are planning to make this workshop informative and lots of fun at the same time!

There will be 2 three day workshops, in July 2018, July 8 through 10, and July 11 through 13. The cost for each workshop will be $695.00 USD. Photographer Eric Gail will also be an instructor. The workshop will be in the New Mexico Badlands. This area has multiple “Otherworldly” locations. Among them is the hoodoo called the Alien Throne. This area gives us multiple sites that will be suitable for photographing fantasy scenes. We will be based in Farmington, New Mexico at the Regions Inn. It is a mid priced hotel (for Farmington) and will give us an excellent rate. Lectures will be in the hotel.  

This workshop will be different in that we will compose the photos with Fantasy Figures. It will be like Comic Com under the Milky Way. We will first capture the composition in a standard fashion without a person and then with one or more fantasy figures in the photo. We will provide costumes including an Astronaut (full spacesuit), an alien, the Predator, Lord of the Rings (Aragorn-Strider and possibly Elves), Conquistador, Star Wars (including Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kanobee, Jango Fett), Witches, Wizards, Steampunk, and Medeival figures. If that is not imaginative enough you can bring your own fantasy outfit! We will be shooting in an Otherworldly setting so costumes or figures that fit the setting would be best. I do not think Anime figures will look appropriate in this setting. Suggestions are welcomed!

 If you are interested please contact me using the CONTACT ME tab above.

Aztec Priestess

 There will be lectures in the late afternoons for about 2 hours depending on group interest. We will cover and practice Landscape Astrophotography, Low Level Lighting, and Composition, in addition to planning, and scouting for astrophotography. Additionally we will cover using smartphone apps such as TPE, Photopills, True DoF (Depth of Field) Gaia GPS, Google Earth, and PlanIt. These are instrumental in my planning and scouting. If you are interested in either of these 2 workshops please contact me using the "Contact Me" button on the Menu Bar above,  and I will reserve a spot for you. Let me know which time you are interested in. To secure a spot in either workshop please send a deposit of $300 USD by PayPal. I will send you the PayPal email address to use for the deposit.

The closest airport is in Durango, Co., about a 1 hr 15 min. drive. The next closest airport is Albuquerque, N.M. about a 3 hr 10 min. drive. Thanks!  If you are interested please contact me using the CONTACT ME tab above.

Cheers, Wayne Pinkston

Our base will be the Regions Hotel in Farmington, New Mexico (1-888-325-1191). You do not have to stay there, but this will be the location of the lectures. The rate is very reasonable for the Southwest area. 

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